Our Services

Our Services

We support and assist our clients with practical and workable solutions that ensure projects are delivered on time and under budget. Core among what we do is working with the clients to understand their needs and how to tailor bespoke solutions that meet those needs. Our clients rely on us to provide them with quality-driven, affordable, and efficient consultancy services to meet set market targets at reasonable and affordable prices.

Leveraging our strategic relationships in the market, we provide specialist support that ensures we meet your needs and keep you satisfied.

Project Consultancy

With novel ideas and high-quality solutions, McDon Consulting provides convenience to your project. We understand that the path to success presents significant challenges for many organizations, and we bring solutions by developing frameworks, capabilities, governance, and leadership strategies for project success.

We can proudly say that we fill the gap between the lawyers, accountants, web developers, marketing, and technology professionals your business set up. Our expertise covers the design, planning, execution, and commissioning of projects.

Project Management

Our management services throughout inception, project definition, approvals, design development, procurement, construction delivery, handover, and occupation.

Specifically, we utilize management processes and procedures and web-based controls to provide timely and accurate advice and reporting. We also help organizations home in on their priorities and define their project objectives. In addition, we help ensure the project’s overall goals and its subsequent tasks and milestones all align with the organization’s strategy

Design Management

In general, we work to support design within a project, the project, its objectives, and the project’s interface with the market it operates. This leads to three general roles that our design managers will fulfill:

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